Eastover Real Estate

    Eastover neighborhood is one of three prominent in town neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina. Homes here range from small bungalow houses to large estates further into the neighborhood and everything in between. Homes have turned into businesses and storefronts along Providence Road and on several of the small streets leading into Eastover. The neighborhood grocery store and the public library flank the main intersection of Eastover at Providence Road and Queens Road.

    A notable attraction is the Mint Museum Randolph. The Mint Museum opened in 1936 in the Eastover. Once the original branch of the United States Mint, today the Mint Museum is home to galleries displaying art from the ancient Americas, European and African art and other collections. As well, the Mint Museum houses a reference library of over 18,000 volumes and hosts many social and area events throughout the year. Situated on the 19 acres of Eastover Park, the options for hosting events is broadened greatly at The Mint.

    Eastover residents walk and bike to the grocery, library, bank, lunch, dinner, and even the dry cleaner. Presbyterian Hospital along with a plethora of doctor office facilities outline the northern edge of Eastover providing critical care to area residents.

    Eastover is an incredible spot to walk, ride bikes, stroll and whatever else keeps you busy outside on a beautiful day. You’ll find something to do in this neighborhood, no doubt!